My World Media was created to provide a platform to assist children and their families gain a level of self-confidence and acceptance, to help them embrace and celebrate their differences, and to learn to appreciate and love qualities of themselves and others that are unique to them.

The enrichment of their souls and minds will serve as a basis for learning life lessons and help define the importance of values that will ultimately help them grow as productive young citizens within our communities. Through the education and exploration of relationships with other diverse and multi-cultural children, we can unify and celebrate differences with the ultimate understanding that we’re all the same, but we’re all different.

Our world will be a greater place when children who look, feel or are perceived as different feel like they can, and should, talk openly about their feelings. As an adult, it’s quite clear that the large majority of our “baggage” was packed during childhood. Perhaps through acceptance and unity we can lighten the load for the future leaders of our planet. Please join in celebrating a vision of equality and acceptance for all children and humanity as a whole.