WELCOME TO MY WORLD FRIENDS “STUFF” SECTION. We know there’s not a whole lot of stuff right now but, as each friend’s story gets told, this page will fill with new books and other cool things for families to enjoy! In the meantime, visit the friends’ pages and print out their pictures for some coloring fun!

“Nobody is Perfect”

Don't tolerate me... accept me. Don't just put up with me ... embrace me. Don't judge me... celebrate me. Don't overlook me... include me. These are the powerful words of beloved Max. He is aware that he isn’t perfect, but Nobody is Perfect! In this cherished, inspirational story we have another opportunity to understand why we can’t judge a book by its cover, and why kindness and acceptance are always the right choice. We know you will enjoy celebrating the differences that make Max brilliantly unique!

“It's Just Me and My Mom”

It’s Just Me and My Mom is the story of young Brennan, who is the only child of a single mother. While there is no lack of love, Brennan spends a lot of time alone. With her key around her neck, empowered Brennan sets out to explore and her adventures lead her to dream of the unlimited possibilities for her future. Please join us in celebrating the differences that make Brennan unique and awesome.

“Who Do I Look Like?”

Who Do I look Like is a beautiful and uplifting book for children that celebrates being different, and allows the feelings of being loved and connected to supersede. It will empower, not just children who are adopted or having an identity crisis, but anyone who is simply just a bit different for any reason.

“Is There Really Such Thing as a Family Tree?”

This first hardcover book in the My World Friends series has a very clear message — no matter how they are created, families are awesome! No matter where we live, no matter who our friends are (or, even if we don’t feel like we have many friends), families are the best! Throughout this colorful story we discover that, while we are certainly different in our own ways, we’re also all very much the same. The rich and vibrant illustrations bring each page to life. Before you know it, the “My World Friends” will capture your heart and you’ll want to invite them inside your home again and again!